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What's better: ASH or MAPLE or BIRCH bats?

A BAT by Superior Bat Company

Truth be told - They all work well, if you can HIT!

A BAT by Superior Bat COMPANY makes all three species.

Truth be told, ProGRAIN® ash in our view is the best. Hard like steel with a flex characteristic.

MAPLE - hard, stiff, typically heavier, and has no forgiveness but will blotto a baseball.

BIRCH - The species and most recent approved wood by MLB along with EURO

BEECH - that has hardness along with flex and is a closed-grain species. Like BEECH.

Each wood has a different feel when you strike a ball correctly, so again it is up to

the player and as we say in the bat business, “if you can hit, you can hit” with anything.

Try each species and figure it out for yourself!

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