About ABat

ABat by Superior Bat Company, Manufacturer of Maple Pro Quality Baseball Bats.

Superior Bat Company is committed to making high-quality, completely customized baseball and softball bats uniquely designed for each individual player.

What makes the ABat so exceptional is the personal attention given to each bat. From the vast array of options available to the design and manufacturing process of each ABat, Superior Bat Company has created a product keeping the player as our number one priority. The Superior Bat Company’s professional-quality ABat is completely customized and designed for the player, by the player. From model, length and weight to color and laser engraving, we believe your bat should not only perform well, but also hold up to the punishment of repeated use.

To achieve our goals, Superior Bat Company has perfected a specialized manufacturing process integrating state-of-the-art equipment with skilled woodworking professionals.

We also offer guarantees virtually unheard of by other bat manufacturers. We want you to use and brag about your ABat for a very long time.

Making a professional-quality ABat

Wood Selection

Superior Bat Company is located in the heart of the best hard wood in the country. Most professional-quality bats are made from logs cut in New York and Pennsylvania because the quality of the wood is superior in this region.

Turning and Sanding

Our woodworking professionals have spent years perfecting their craft. With the addition of new, custom-designed advanced technology and multiple sanding process, our craftsmen create baseball and softball bats with the same dedication to excellence and beauty as making fine furniture.


Superior Bat Company has refined the cupping process to guarantee weight within half an ounce on all finished bats, a guarantee not offered by other bat makers. Many manufacturers have discontinued this process because of the added time involved, producing instead bats of various weights. In fact, most bat manufacturers only offer the choice of cupping, not cupping or, in some cases, half cupping, with no guarantee on the weight. Because the density of the maple varies from piece to piece, offering a specific cupping size does not solve the weight issue. Superior Bat Company cups to weight to ensure the customer receives exactly what was ordered.


Every ABat is sprayed with several coats of finish by our skilled professionals, ensuring your bat will look and feel better, longer.

Labeling and Laser Engraving

Before the final clear finish is sprayed, the logo and laser engraving is placed on the top grain of the bat. Laser engraving on the end of the bat includes the model number, length of the bat, weight of the bat and customer personalization.


We can offer professional quality bats without the professional price. Superior Bat Company has total control of the entire bat making process, from wood selection to shipping the finished product. ABats are manufactured and sold with the players in mind. Our professional grade ABat is made to fit into the average player’s or team’s budget without sacrificing quality or workmanship.

The ABat Guarantee

We guarantee the weight of the finished bat within half an ounce for the adult and softball bats. The weight is around -5 for the youth bat, and between -7 to -10 for the fungo bat. Finished bats made with incorrect specifications will be replaced at no charge. Finished bats that break due to a manufacturing flaw will be replaced at our discretion free of charged if returned to us. Broken bats are examined by manufacturing professionals to determine cause. The purchase price is non-refundable. There is absolutely no guarantee on weight for unfinished bats, or partially unfinished bats.