January 16, 2018
 Bat SchoolWood Bats 101Part 5 - How long will the bat last? 
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Wood Bats 101 - Part 5 - How Long Will the Bat Last?  Minimize

     Now that we’ve gone over the physical characteristics of a bat that can contribute to how long it will last, now for the human element.  There are many things that you can do to make your bat last longer, some of them are easy, some not so easy.  We’ll start with the easy.  The labels (logo, engraving, ect.) on a wood bat are strategically placed on the weak side of the bat.  Due to the way the grain in the wood runs, there are two strong sides and two weak sides on wood bats.  The labels are placed on the weak side of the bat.  When you make contact with the ball you want the label side of the bat either facing straight up towards the sky, or down towards the ground.  That will ensure you are always making contact with the strong side of the bat. 

     Another easy way to make your bats last longer is to keep them out of temperature extremes.  The trunk of your car is a bad place to keep your wood bats.  Extended periods of extreme heat can bake the moisture out of your wood bats, and make them brittle.  Extended periods of extreme cold will not affect your wood bats as much, unless you hit with the bat when it is very cold!

      Batting cages that use the hard plastic baseballs are hard on wood bats.  If at all possible try to only stick to cages that use real baseballs.

     Now for the not so easy ways to make your bats last.  The absolute biggest thing that will make your wood bats last longer is consistency!  Especially when facing a good pitcher, this is easier than said than done, but the more you consistently hit on the sweet spot, the longer the bat will last.  If you are constantly hitting them off the handle, and the end of the bat, the bat will not last long, no matter what kind of wood it is.  That said, we have customers that have been regularly using the same bat for years!  Most often that is not the case though, as the chances you will get jammed or tip one off the end of the bat is usually a fairly regular occurrence.

A rough day at the ballpark!  After many foul tips, and getting jammed all day, the bat finally gave up the fight! 
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