October 23, 2017
 Bat SchoolWood Bats 101Part 4 - Cup or No Cup 
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Wood Bats 101 - Part 4 - Cup or No Cup  Minimize

     To cup or not to cup, that is the question.  The cup in a wood bat can affect the strength, and weight of a bat.  How does the cup affect the strength of a bat?  Realistically, it doesn't, unless the cup is too deep.  If the cup is too deep, it will affect the strength of the barrel, mainly when you hit one off the end of the bat.  The cup could crush in, or it may even crack or break the barrel.  Over the years we have figured out how deep the bat can be cupped without it affecting the strength of the bat, and we don’t cup our bats any deeper than we know is ok.  How does the cup affect the weight of the bat?  Realistically, not much!  With our adult baseball bats, the cup can only drop the weight of the bat around 7/10 of an ounce, and it’s even less for youth and softball bats.  We use the cup to fine tune the weight of the bat, which is why you will see our bats cupped at several different depths.  We guarantee the weight of our bats to be with in ½ ounce of what was ordered, but 99% of the bats that leave our facility are actually with 1/10 of an ounce of the ordered weight!  If you prefer your bats to be cupped or, not cupped, that’s not a problem either, just specify that when you order.

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