March 21, 2018
 Bat SchoolMaking a Bat Video 
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Please allow up to 14 business days for production & delivery of custom bats.

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Making a quality bat is not as easy as it sounds.  We use skilled craftsmen, automation and quality control to ensure every bat we produce meets our customers requirements.

Check out this video below to see how we make our bats.


  • The best bats start with the best wood.  We get our hard maple wood from western New York and northern Pennsylvania.
  • The first time the billets are weighed is in the stock room which is arranged by weight.
  • When an order comes in a appropriate billet to produce the bat is chosen out of the stock room.
  • We use two types of lathes to do the majority of the cutting on our bats, the first is the rotary lathe.  It has many large knifes which cut the bat all at once.
  • The second type of lather is called a copy lathe.  Three knifes are incorporated into the cutting head which moves accross the billet and cuts the profile of the bat.
  • The Nash sander take the rough finish produced by the lathes and smoothes it out.
  • During machining, extra peices of wood on each end of the bat, buttons, where used to hold the bats.  Now the buttons are removed.
  • Finish sanding is used to bring the bats into proper dimension and weight.
  • The bats are painted.  Most bats will get mulitple coats based on the color combinations.
  • Lazer engraving is used to add any personalization requested the customer.
  • A clear coat is added to give the bat a glossy finished.
  • The A-Bat decal is applied.
  • Final inspection is done to verify the length , weight and personalization that was ordered.  The bat is then placed in a bag to minimized damage during shipping.
  • The bat is packaged up and shipped out.
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